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The importance of anodic oxidation of aluminum profiles
Time:2023.01.31 Source: Yuhuan Huahua Metal Products Factory Clicks:

Aluminum is an active metal, and the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the oxide film formed naturally on the aluminum surface in the air are not strong enough. Therefore, in general, industrial aluminum profiles need to be anodized after production to obtain a protective film, which can greatly prolong the service life of industrial aluminum profiles.

The general principle of anodic oxidation of Huahua Aluminum, the general concept of anode generation 1 of anodic oxidation film in the electrolyte solution of aluminum or aluminum alloy products, and the aluminum oxide film formed on the surface during the electrolysis process. The oxygen precipitation of anodic oxidation of aluminum, the formation of anhydrous aluminum oxide film, and the oxygen generated are not all the gases that react with aluminum and partially precipitate.

Huahua Aluminum Anodizing said that in order to achieve better results, hot water cleaning is required after anodizing to aging the film. The temperature of water is well controlled at 40-50 and the time is controlled at 30-60 seconds. The second is drying, which makes the gloss of aluminum profile more natural through the naturally dried oxide film. Then aging, the process conditions are: temperature 40~50 , time 10~15 minutes.

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